We Are Spiritual Beings And as such we may change but we do not die.

I know you have heard the saying” we are spiritual beings having human experiences” It is very true but how deeply have you though about that?. I will say a few things. In the beginning we are non-physical, completely spirit and that spirit connected to source. As non physical spirit we have a connection to ‘source’.

Our spirits are filled with joy and happiness and unconditional love, totally 100% good. Our spirits decide that they want to experience the physical. Thedetails get worked out as to who the parents will be and part of that spirit enters into a baby and goes through the growth cycle as all humans do. In experiencing the physical our spirits are expanding their knowledge, and all of us together are expanding our universe, and through us God experiences as well and even God is expanding. Think of the history of this world. We are on the leading edge of Creation in this world. We are on the leading edge of creation in our lives..

It is not a matter of being physical and then dying and maybe becoming non-physical, or put another way life and death. In truth there is no such thing as death. We are spiritual beings. That does not change while we are in physical flesh. Only a small part of our spirit is within these physical bodies that we are. Our spirit is the larger non-physical part of us and it does not cease when we die. That larger non-physical part of us is connected to God, to source, and through that non physical part of us our physical selves are therefore connected to God, to source, as well.

We sometimes get so caught up with the physical that we draw a veil over ourselves and ignore the non physical part of us when instead we need that non physical part of ourselves and will be totally lost without it. It is often referred to as our inner selves or our higher selves, It is through this spiritual part of us that we connect to God our source. The time will come when we finish our physical experience and we will simply drop the physical form but the spirit that contains all our thoughts and memories and feelings will happily return to that wonderful state of unconditional love in the full energy of God..

What bonds of friendship are made while in the physical are also bonds of friendship that last in the non-physical. We will be happy to get back to and look up all our friends. Our lives here on this earth while in physical form are all about having fun and deliberately creating in our lives. We all have access to source energy (Holy Spirit) out of which all things physical and non-physical are made. Our spirits, our inner selves have source energy flowing through them. Source energy flows from our non physical to our physical bodies and is within each of us radiating through us.

It really helps us to join with and look at life through our spiritual sides. Things will never look as bad and we will always understand where we are going…